New Policy!

You only have a few weeks left to take advantage of the new Whole-Farm Revenue Protection Policy recently released by the USDA.

It is long overdue for a crop insurance product to accommodate practically all commercial growers, farmers, and ranchers. The 2014 Farm Bill mandates a whole-farm crop insurance policy option, making this program available to organic and diversified growers selling multiple commodities, including specialty crops to wholesale markets. Single commodity growers are also eligible with some conditions.  This new policy is also designed to meet the risk management needs of diversified crop or livestock producers, including those selling to local and regional markets, farm identity preserved markets, or direct markets.

We are pleased that we now have a product that affords growers like you with a risk management tool previously unavailable to all vegetable and specialty crop growers.

Read more about Whole-Farm or give us a call to learn more.